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League-wide communication has been a challenge for Winter Park Babe Ruth.  After exploring several options, we have selected to implement the SportNgin (pronounced Sport Engine) League Management System.  This system will allow Winter Park Babe Ruth to offer a vast array of information and data to parents, coaches and players, and will do so in a controlled and secure manner.

Here are a few of the features:

  • New Website will be our new home!  
  • Registration
  • League Management
    A robust league management functionality will be running in the background of the website, allowing us to drill down to the team level for organization.  
  • Scoring
    SportNgin allows for many different ways to score games and keep key statistics like pitch counts.  
  • Online App
    The SportNgin app is free to download on Apple or Android phones and will allow the user to track their team for free. 
  • Online Background Checks


We are very excited about this new system and its capabilities!  Stay tuned for more information about our new site launch!

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